Professional Services

Our service personnel have years of experience. They have the certification and the knowhow to get the job done. Be it a Mac system, a PC system, or a server system; we are capable of doing the job. We are already providing services to universities, government agencies, advertising companies, architects, lawyers, photographers, artists, among others; put us to work for you.


We are certified to diagnose and repair Mac computer systems, and to support the original Mac product warranties; even thought the Apple Care Extended warranty program is not available in Puerto Rico. CSS is one of the few authorized centers in the island that covers the original computer USA warranty services (contact us for details)

iPod Swap Program

iPods have become the industry standard MP3 player across the world. The iPod is an investment a 1-year standard Apple warranty. The iPod Swap Program was set up by CSS to continuing offering support for your out of warranty iPod… we replace your malfunctioning iPod with the same model or similar for a fee. The fee depends on the model and year of the equipment. For more information contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .